Friday, January 31, 2014

Jamie's Italian Restaurant Singapore by Jamie Oliver

Have you been to the newly opened Jamie Oliver's restaurant in Vivocity Singapore? Well, Mrupupup went to Jamie Oliver's restaurant. Jamie Oliver is one famous British chef and he opened a restaurant bearing his name to serve up Italian and healthy range of food. If you want 'branded' type of food, do be prepare to pay for each dish. Most of the dishes are Italian and Mediterranean.

Mrupupup tried various dishes from Jamie's. If you want to go to Jamie's, take some time to wait for about 45mins during peak periods. People just go to Jamie's to hang out and have a good time.
Jamie's Italian Restaurant  - 1 Harbourfront Walk, Vivocity #01- 165, Singapore.

Need to pay about $5 for bread.
Lobster pasta - nice but expensive about $20
Got a strong seafood prawn taste
Walnut salad- unique and costs $9
An acquired taste for walnut and some people might not fancy it
Lots of walnuts
Better dish for the evening - smaller size at $15 - Cream based pasta with clams
Mrupupup think it was tactical that the restaurant make people wait for so long for a seat so
that you could purchase a drink from their menu
Brownie with ice cream about $10
Creamy panna cotta berry dessert - looks good about $9
Lettuce dish- interesting colour - about $10
Most popular dish of the evening - almost every had one - known as Plank
It a sampler dish with bread, olives, meats. Pretty popular. About $15.
Mrupupup like the deco of the place and makes one feel homely

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