Thursday, January 23, 2014

Story imagination

A typical day started out in Zing Zing world. The sun was up today. It was bright but surprisingly the day was cool. Sometimes, Mr Up Up Up wondered the world would end soon in this lifetime. The weather today was an indication.

       Mrupupup hopped onto the local Zing Zing World transport - Mass Doobie Transport (the train). Poor transport authorities, every other day somehow or rather a train would break down somewhere out there. Life goes on even the train don't work. Zing Zing world people are a zealous lot; out to work, out to school, out to some hobby, out to have life.

       Zoom. The train came and picked up Mrupupup. Off it went to the location - the imaginary stop of Makanworld. Ding dong, alighting Mrupupup. The trains in Zing Zing world were like space capsules, it moved fast and very automated (without drivers).

        Makanworld. Zing Zing World's stop for food. Mrupupup thought that Zing Zing World was one big makan nation. Apologies to those readers from other parts of the world, 'makan' means eat in Malay language. Zing Zing World is a makan nation. Within a few minutes away from each point, food was plentiful. Food in multiple languages from Malay, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Western, Vietnamese, Philippines, Thai and etc. A world of makanstops. How not to get fat? Haha.

        Ding dong. "Your food is here." so says a young lady serving Vietnamese pho soup.  Delicately wrapped spring rolls in translucent white rolls with a hot bowl of beef noodle pho served up images of Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City is one big city with lots of motorcycles.

      Story of Zing Zing World. Imagining pho and motorcycles. Sighs, Mrupupup though to oneself, what was the world of Zing Zing becoming into? Random thinking and all not connected. Motorcycles floating in the sky. Will motorcycles float in the sky? Seems likely the motorcycles would one day float into the sky as the prices of Doobie certificates for transport been going up and up to such a point whereby to own a vehicle was like a beautiful dream.

      End of the line Mr Up Up Up. Story of imagination. Have a good day in Zing Zing World.

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