Saturday, March 1, 2014

Nine Thirty by Awfully Chocolate at Esplanade

Nine Thirty (former Loola's) by Awfully Chocolate at the Esplanade Mall (#02-14) has revamped to be a cool place to eat Western food and of course their hot chocolate. The new menu options looks good but a bit on the high side in terms of price. The service was good though!

Mrupupup started with the mushroom soup which was delicious and creamy. Best part was to dip the toasted bread into the soup - nice.

Next Mrupupup tried the bread type of food with an egg and baked ham pieces on top with sides like chips, olives and onions. Wow, really filling! Really an 'all day breakfast' type of food. The bread was toasted and such a huge piece!


Mrupupup also tried their fish and chips which was yummy but oily. Next item was their pancakes which looked like 'Macdonald's' pancakes. Pancake was fluffy soft and bit too sweet with the syrup.

Mrupupup also had a bit of honey baked ham with a huge baked apple. Pretty well done and easy to eat. Pretty good food.

The best part of this place was their hot chocolate drinks. Mrupupup got to try three drinks: a type of chocolate 'martini' drink (got alcohol - quite strong!), a very thick bottle of hot chocolate and their normal hot chocolate. Pretty good to end a meal, Definitely worth a try! Burp!



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