Thursday, April 17, 2014

Pine Garden's Cake Shop Ang Mo Kio

Mrupupup loves to eat and could not resist the old school cakes from Pine Garden's Cake Shop at Blk 529 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10. This round Mrupupup had their yummy Pulut Hitam mousse sponge cake. The Pulut Hitam sponge cake was one creamy dessert cake which hits the palate just right to satisfy the cravings for  traditional dessert and cake at the same time. Pretty clever creation this Pulut Hitam cake.

The other cake was the orange zest chocolate cake, Mrupupup loved its match of orange and chocolate all in one. This cake was not as moist as the other Pulut Hitam cake. It was nice though and pretty good old school cake. Cake price about $2 to $5 depends on the flavors.

Mrupupup could not resist all the cakes and managed to take pictures of the cakes: cartoon cakes, old style cakes, black forest cake, lychee martin cake (do try this very interesting flavour!), many more! The prices are good and value for money. The shop also sells bread (not expensive) about $1 and small tarts/ traditional cakes.

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