Monday, June 9, 2014

Gerry Robert in Singapore Motivational Speaker and Book Author

Mrupupup attended a 3 days seminar over the weekend conducted by renowned Motivational Speaker Gerry Robert.  It was a great course and Mrupupup learnt many things to up lift one's spirit in life.

Gerry Robert said don't procrastinate in Life, make a decision, be it good or bad decision! Have a paradigm shift in life. Live life in a different plane, don't get stuck. He told us of story of how he lost his money in an investment, but the money he lost set him on a different paradigm. His life was different for he dare to take risk and make a decision although that meant losing money. For that lesson, he was now more prepared for any opportunities that came along.

Well, Gerry is now a multi-millionaire conducting his speeches and giving talks.

Live and do it well.

Thanks Gerry!

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