Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Monster Curry at Nex Huge Monster Japanese Curry

Mrupupup went to the newly opened Monster Curry (Japanese) store at Nex #B1-08. Mrupupup ordered the huge (very, very big plate) of Sea Monster curry. Why Sea Monster? Because the huge plate came with rice, lots of hot Japanese curry sauce with 4 prawns tempura style, two scallops and one large fried fish fillet. The signature, dark curry was delicious and spicy.The Monster Curry dish was so big that two persons actually struggled to finish up the curry dish.

Well, with big plate means big price of $25 (without GST hor!) - actual was $28.25. Ok, Mrupupup's advice try to get three persons or more if you want to order the HUGE plate curry sauce dish. Monster Curry outlet was popular during meals times. Be prepared to wait for huge groups of people. Besides Sea Monster, there are other types of curry dishes with pork, chicken or seafood. One could choose the cheaper versions around $12 if only one person dines at Monster Curry.

Burp! Think too much curry sauce!

Huge Plate - Bigger than a long spoon!

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