Monday, September 22, 2014

Everything with Fries at Bugis Junction EwF

Mrupupup goes once in a while to Everything with Fries (EwF). You know what Mrupupup likes at EwF - it is their awesome Nutella Shake! The Nutella Shake is very, very nice. The thick smooth nutella taste just slides the drink into your mouth, Yummy! Oh, one more thing, EwF adds Oreo cookie bits on top of the Nutella Shake, just so good.

The other items ate at EwF were the juicy burgers. Mrupupup tried the lamb burger and the mushroom burgers. Both burgers came with EwF signature thick fries which had toppings like sour cream. The Mushroom Burger was good with the yummy mushrooms inside the burger. The lamb burger was not bad but was a bit dry in taste.
Last time, EwF used to ok with their pricing. Now, dining at the EwF outlet in Bugis Junction #04-05 (next to the movie theatre) would not be cheap. The burgers range from $13 to $18 depending on the type of burger you like. The Nutella shake costs about $8. I guess with high rental at shopping malls, the food prices would just go up. Never mind, once in a long while, have a nice Nutella Shake, just eat and don't think so much!

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