Friday, October 31, 2014

A story of uneventfulness

It was a normal work day. Mrupupup could smell the morning rain on sunny Singapore. The rain brought fresh relief to this country's hot weather.

         The walk to the train station was uneventful. How come the pavement was so grey? Sometimes, Mrupupup would encounter strange people walking on the pavement. Strange as in why people would rush to work with their children in tow. Guess Singapore is a busy place and people need to work to survive.

         Oh, the train is coming! Mrupupup fancies Singapore's train system. The train are clean and better maintained than city like Paris. Have you been to Paris? Oh my, the trains just creek along the way and not clean.

         People on the train. What do they do? How the world has changed in our mobile phone world? Everybody would just look into their small screens on the handphone. The train ride would be uneventful.

        Reached the stop, alight and walked again on the pavement. However, this time there would be a small forest to pass through. Mrupupup found this small forest pretty interesting, as there were many animals in this forest. Mrupupup has spotted a jungle fowl, thrush birds, squirrels, and of course humans of varied species.

       Passing through the forest, Mrupupup would take a bus. This bus was always a welcome relief from the heat. This bus was for one bus stop only. Best part of all, there was no need to pay. Why? Guess got to do with the overall distance framework adopted by the transport authority. Good!

       An uneventful day.

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