Sunday, November 9, 2014

Parkway Parade and its guests

Wow, Parkway Parade was really busy today. Mrupupup thinks Parkway Parade is an evergreen mall with few competitors on the eastern part of Singapore.

Today, Mrupupup wandered around Parkway Parade. The old shops were still there like Giant, MPH, Photography shop at its basement, and the many fashion shops. Mrupupup kind of missed the food court, after the renovation, the whole place is now taken up by 'boring' Food Republic. The old food court of Parkway Parade had Mrupupup's favourite mee rebus and herbal jelly stall.  Kind of missed that food stall. Singapore has too many 'Food Republic' food courts, kind of boring.

Anyway, Mrupupup went to eat at Putien. The Putien had very good wait staff and they were a courteous bunch of people. The food ordered Putien dry Bee Hoon and Lor Mee were as usual simply yummy. Mrupupup always wondered how this Heng Hwa Chinese type of food had some form of attractiveness to the style of cooking that one must go to savour it.

Yaoz, do you know across the East Coast Park Expressway, there is a new place called Parkland Green. This new place got many stores like St Marc Bakery, yoghurt shop, stores selling bicycles and skates and many more! Check out Parkland Green and the place has many parking lots!

Anyway, have nice day. Good night!

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