Saturday, May 16, 2015

Urban Farming Workshop by #Edible Garden City


As part of the run-up to this year’s DBS Marina Regatta 2015 happening soon, Mrupupup went to an exclusive Urban Farming Workshop.  DBS Regatta will be held over three weekends in 2015: 30/31 May 15, 6/7 June 15 and 13/14 June 15. There will be many fun-filled activities for all ages at Marina bay and one activity is urban farming.

Always wanted to grow own salads and herbs at home. Thanks to DBS Bank, Mrupupup joined in an exclusive Urban Farming Workshop where Mrupupup learnt how to grow nature's own food within the confines of home and office spaces.
As part of the run-up to this year’s highly-anticipated DBS Marina Regatta 2015, Mrupupup got an exclusive preview of the urban farming activity to be held. The workshop was conducted by Social Enterprise Edible Garden City and Mrupupup enjoyed the experience and joys of urban farming (Mrupupup touched the soil and seeds)!
Workshop included:
·         Learning about the different types of microgreens and their nutritional values
·         Hands-on activities - preparing own planting medium and sowing seeds (Hopefully Mrupupup's seeds can harvest in 2 weeks!)  
Mrupupup also got a very nice self-watering pot!  Thanks DBS Bank!
Check out the pictures below.

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