Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bakerzin Singapore Desserts Cakes at Vivocity outlet

Singapore is one hot country, I mean the weather. Mrupupup got no choice but to rest at a café in Vivocity to escape from the heat. Using promotion 1-1 offers (two cakes at $10), Mrupupup had a great time eating up two cakes from Bakerzin café at Vivocity (level one near to CK Tangs store). The two cakes were New York cheesecake and Chocolate cake with ice cream. The New York cheesecake was awesome. Loved the melt in the mouth feeling of the cheese. The cake was not too sweet but flavourful. Very yummy!

The chocolate cake was not too sweet, but Mrupupup got a sweet tooth so did not like the slight bitter taste of good quality chocolate used in the cake. But it was nice also!

The Bakerzin café was so bright in the day time afternoon that Mrupupup had to wear sunglasses to shield off from the afternoon sun's blazing glare. Ok, back to the cool interiors of Vivocity mall after eating the yummy cakes.

Chee Lin's photo.

Chee Lin's photo.

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