Saturday, July 11, 2015

Orchestra of the Music Makers Mega-Concert for SG50 Gustav Mahler’s 8th Symphony

Mrupupup attended Singapore’s Orchestra of the Music Makers (OMM) concert, performing one of the most ambitious pieces of classical music, Gustav Mahler’s 8th Symphony or “Symphony of a Thousand”, live in Singapore as a tribute to SG50. Great performance and even got "Majullah Singapore" (National Anthem of Singapore) as a final encore. Thanks to organisers for sponsored tickets - 11 July 15 concert.
Featuring no less than eight local and international vocal soloists, four large choirs (including three from Australia), a children’s choir, large symphony orchestra, separate brass ensemble and an organ, this is only the second time the symphony performed in Singapore’s history.
The monumental piece started with a medieval Pentecost hymn and culminated in the closing scene of Goethe’s Faust, drawing together fundamental philosophical ideas of Western history. Mahler wrote this immensely moving and spectacular symphony as a “gift to the entire nation” for his beloved Germany, which was fitting for OMM in its tribute to SG50.
The Orchestra's Executive Committee envisioned bringing Mahler 8 to Singapore four years ago. Since then, the group has been working towards this collective vision, laying the ground for the idea to become a reality to make this performance a gift to the nation on its 50th birthday.
This concert was five years in the making. It was a fitting tribute to the progress Singapore has made in its short history, including the development of a classical music scene. Comprising 140 accomplished musicians, OMM was established in 2008 to provide an outlet for talented orchestral players, many of whom have developed careers outside of music. For the Mahler 8 concert, OMM was joined by professional vocal soloists from around the region including sopranos Hyon Lee, Ariya Sawadivong and Janani Sridhar, who was returning to her home country Singapore from the USA for the performance. Other international soloists include mezzo sopranos Deborah Humble and Songmi Yang, tenor Dongwon Shin, baritone Warwick Fyfe and bass Joshua Bloom.
The symphony required a chorus with impact, so OMM partnered with Vocal Associates Festival & Children's Chorus from Singapore, and the Perth Symphonic Chorus, The Winthrop Singers and the Queensland Festival Chorus travelled from Australia specially for the concert.
In order to hone the skills necessary to perform Mahler’s most difficult symphony with artistic flair and precision, OMM tackled the composer’s 1st, 2nd and 5th symphonies in performances in recent years.  OMM’s performance of Mahler’s 2nd Symphony garnered international recognition in notable publications such as Gramophone (UK), Mostly Classic (Japan), the American Record Guide (USA) and Fanfare (USA).
Great concert at Singapore's Esplanade Concert Hall and got many bravos from the audience! Bravo!

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