Sunday, January 24, 2016

Arts Stage Singapore 2016 Marina Bay Sands

Mrupupup attended the Arts Stage Singapore 2016 at Marina Bay Sands exhibition halls. The Art Stage Singapore 16 brought all the major galleries to show case their artists' work. The works of arts were really diverse and interesting. It was a great visual arts feast and this flagship event was the sixth edition.

         There were works of arts from major countries like Japan, Indonesia, China, USA, Australia and etc. 173 galleries from 37 countries joined in this arts exhibition. However, there was a greater focus on South East Asian art. Well, the pieces could be really expensive like $200,000 for large Chinese man art to small pieces that costs $5000. Some of the pieces were thought provoking and stimulate Mrupupup's tiny brain cells. Mrupupup is not an artist but just interested in expanding the horizons of thought (Hope So!). The art exhibition was not cheap and costs $32 per person for entry and lasted four days in January 2016. Lucky got some kind sponsor for the entry to this art exhibit and it was really crowded for an art exhibition! Singaporeans getting more high class in appreciation of the finer things in life.

          Mrupupup made two videos of Arts Stage Singapore. One video got art with fake cockroaches displaying "Faith, Hope and Love" and the other video on a cool 3 dimensional work of art (really interesting stuff!).


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