Saturday, December 23, 2017

IZA Restaurant at Siglap Singapore

IZA a new restaurant opened recently in the trendy Siglap area. Iza your locaal Izakaya Bar is located at 695 East Coast Road. The people behind The Skewer Bar in Geylang works in collaboration with this new place to come up with a trendy and new menu.

Mrupupup went to Iza to try out the food and was pretty yummy. Loved small bites Japanese skewers. This place sells Singapore infused menus with things like Hai Bee Hiam (kind of local spicy shrimp). Another example of fusion way of coming up with dish like putting salted egg into the chawamunsi (Japanese steam egg dish). Another dish would be a the Tomago Otah which had egg rolls wrapping otah pieces (yummy)!

The place and food was nice and Mrupupup enjoyed the relaxing nature with cold Asahi beer and Japanese skewer sticks made it a nice evening spent with friends.

The menu prices are pretty ok, except for the sea bass fish dish which costs $28. The skewer prices range from $3 to $5. The staff was attentive and the chefs making the skewer were dedicated to make the skewer taste great (you can see them through the glass window).

Take a look at the yummy pictures!

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