Tuesday, December 3, 2013

First Purple Parade in Singapore 2013

The first Purple Parade in Singapore was held at Hong Lim Park on 30 November 2013 to show support for people with disabilities. Super meaningful event with many charity organisations in Singapore coming together. It was raining heavily too on the Purple Parade! Take a look at the pictures of the Purple Parade below for the memories and historical record. Thank you for the Purple Parade celebration.

Support Inclusion. Celebrate Abilities - Purple Parade Singapore 2013.



Bee Guan Coffee Shop Orange Peel Sour Plum Drink

Bee Guan's orange peel with sour plum is a very refreshing drink. Mrupupup went to this stall named Bee Guan coffee stall at Whampoa Market # 01-23 two times to try out this drink. Mrupupup's verdict - best drink in Singapore on a hot day! The drink was very nice and pretty cheap at $1.50 with a large amounts of orange peel and came in two cups of cold water. Great value for money and fantastic on a hot day in Singapore! Oh, the uncle that sells the drink is quite a generous man. Just have a chat with him and he would tell you many stories of people ordering his orange peel drink. He would also top up your drink for free with more cold water if you need.

See the large amounts of orange peel on top of the sour plum drink
Uncle preparing the drink

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jamie Oliver's Italian Restaurant in Singapore Vivocity

Jamie's Italian Restaurant opened in Vivocity Singapore (1 Harbourfront Walk). This restaurant is opened by the famous Jamie Oliver, British Chef that cooks Italian dishes on TV.

As Mrupupup is big foodie, so must try Jamie's Restaurant, first in Asia.  The new restaurant offered Italian dishes such as salads, breads, pasta and antipasta. The pasta noodles are made on site daily and using fine fresh produce. The place had an open kitchen and alfresco dining area.

Mrupupup went in without early booking for a seat at the restaurant. The staff said 45 minutes on a weekday evening 7.30pm! Super long wait!  Mrupupup saw the waiting list, at least 10 reservations more for the evening. As Mrupupup was about to leave at the 15 minute mark at their waiting area because could not wait anymore, suddenly the waiter said ok ok go ahead! Wow, Mrupupup wondered that evening that this was a delay tactic or marketing gimmick to make people wait so as to feel more hungry for a chance to eat at Jamie's? Anyway, Mrupupup went in and had a nice red seat.

Overall verdict: Expensive food - Overall, food was plausible (maybe not use to the Italian style of food). Service staff were good because got good seat and they did explain the dishes! Good ambience - think because got many people. Mrupupup thought might not be worth paying for the meals. Can try this place if you got money - prepare to pay at least $30-$50 per person.

Menu ordered
Crab spaghetti $25 (large portion)
Portion was large size (but not really big in quantity) and little shredded crab meat too. Mrupupup felt that it was a crab spaghetti but tasted like prawn noodles. Mrupupup 'soften' the taste with lots of shredded cheese. Not worth the price.

Vongole pasta with clams in wine sauce $17 (small portion)
Vongole pasta with clams was good because the portion was just nice and loved white wine sauce that went well with the clams!  Pretty good! Simple but a good dish!

Jamie's Walnut Salad ($9)
Exotic taste which Mrupupup never tasted before. Pretty interesting salad with lots of walnut.


Other dishes
Italian Bread - need to order about $6 just ok

Creamy Panna Cotta ($9) –  Pudding was firm and soft at the same time. The vanilla flavour was good and the fruit grape sauce added sourness and sweetness to complement.  Nice dessert!

Brownie $11.50 - Pretty normal - could be better

Plates of meats and olives  $15 - Pretty ok for starters

Funnel salad - $10 pretty interesting salad. Just ok.



Monday, November 25, 2013

Jurong Bird Park - Celebrating Native Birds Day

Mrupupup had one full day at Singapore's Jurong Bird Park. Mrupupup thinks the Jurong Bird Park is unique in the world.  Mrupupup together with many bird lovers attended the Native Birds Day forum at the bird park, followed a photographer's trail on photographing birds and had fun at the bird park. Phew, one full day starting from 8.30am to 5pm!

Well, Mrupupup was delighted to see many birds like hornbill, penguins, exotic birds, vultures, eagles and many more! The Native Birds Day forum was also an interesting event with many speakers giving talks about birds and their habitats. Well, Mrupupup learnt that the crimson sunbird is the unofficial national bird of Singapore. Mrupupup also learnt a new thing - from August to December every year there would be many migratory birds at Sungei Bulouh Nature Park & Mangrove area. Protect our native birds and protect our environment.

Mrupupup enjoyed the day at the Jurong Bird Park and the Native Birds Day event.

Penguin parade - all lining up for photographs
Native Birds Park Forum
Photography of Native Birds of Singapore
Mrupupup loved the Flamingos
Large Rhinoceros Hornbill found in Malaysia and Indonesia
Video of Rhinoceros Hornbill

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Purple Parade at Hong Lim Park - A Shout Out

be there or be square!
From now till 30 Nov 13 - Change your social media profile like facebook profile picture to the below purple logo to show your support for the movement to build an inclusive Singapore and to celebrate the abilities of people with special needs. Join The Purple Parade on 30 Nov 13 (Saturday), 3-7pm, Hong Lim Park.
Spread this movement with your friends and family on any social media platforms.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ramen Monster at Novena Square Velocity

The Ramen Monster shop is a Japanese Ramen Noodle shop on the ground floor of Novena Square Velocity (238 Thomson Road Novena Square Velocity #01-53). The ramen restaurant was a small place with very colourful comic murals. Mrupupup ordered regular size of Tonkotsu Ramen $8.90. The shop also sells type of other ramen (menu below). Good that there was no service charge & GST on the menu prices.

The colourful wall mural made up for an interesting eating experience and the ramen took about 6 minutes to arrive. The ramen noodle here was tender & chewy and it was good. Mrupupup got a choice of regular fatty or lean char siew meat. The wonderful thing was the shop gave one full egg with nice yolk inside! The soup was yummy and the best thing was it had no MSG!!!!! Mrupupup hates the after taste of MSG which makes one super in need of water after eating ramen. Some shops in Singapore selling ramen could have so much MSG that Mrupupup would be in need of water for the whole day!

Signature Tonkotsu Ramen - Mrupupup drank every drop. Slurp!!! Mrupupup felt not thirsty indicating that the soup was pure goodness without any silly short cuts in making the soup. Waaahhhhh, Mrupupup has changed to Ramen Monster!!!!!


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Navy@Vivo RSS Endurance Ship Exhibition Singapore

Mrupupup was happy to get a chance to go onto the Singapore Navy's Ship RSS Endurance docked at Vivocity Promenade and set sail onto Singapore's sea in a Singapore Navy Fast Craft Utility Boat.

Salute to Singapore's Navy and the Men & Women on board the RSS Endurance! Mrupupup learnt that the battleship was tight in various corners and the ladders were really steep! The Fast Craft could go really fast and furious. The sun, the sand and the sea - all in package. Haha, join the Navy - the advertisement would say.

After visiting the Navy Ship, appreciate the work done by Singapore Navy to protect our homeland.
Check out the videos done by Mrupupup on board the Fast Craft Utility Boat

Returning back to mother ship in Fast Craft Utility Boat
Helicopter on RSS Endurance
Joyride on Fast Craft Utility Boat
Taking a break
Sleeping bunks on the ship
RSS Endurance - 8 Stories High
Climbing down
Good Show by Singapore Navy